We get it. Running a religious organization is difficult. Rewarding, sure. But it's no cake walk.


There is a constant need to raise more money with less overhead. We invented CatholicCent to help Catholic organizations continue to serve others while capturing the necessary funds to forward their mission.

We address common struggles and increase capabilities without adding overhead. CatholicCent enables charities to stay relevant, improve donor relations, and increase recurring gifts.

You can address your common struggles...

  • Little to no consistent monthly online income... Too much weight placed on collections or a few large fundraising efforts.

  • Not enough time and resources to do everything. Staff and volunteers are often overworked.

  • Engaging and Retaining donors. Stay relevant to today's donors with convenient solutions.


You can overcome pitfalls of a traditional fundraising...

  • Fewer people use cash in our increasingly cashless society

  • A "one and done" donation can now be a consistent income stream

  • Overhead adds up when increasing traditional efforts - but not with CatholicCent. 


We are giving our solution to organizations that qualify - all that we are asking is:

  • Organizations commit to one year of marketing. This way we can ensure that ALL organizations that participate in CatholicCent are successful. Don't worry, we are here to help you market. There's no commitment to marketing after year one, but options are available. 

  • Organizations maintain at least 10 enrolled donors.  In order for small change to have a big impact, it needs to accumulate! If it's not accumulating, there will not be a return on your time and effort. 


There are Three Ways to Get Started with CatholicCent

For Parishes Only

This package includes: 


  • Permission to advertise and use the CatholicCent name.

  • Technology platform training.

  • A marketing guide outlining the steps necessary to launch and maintain your program.

  • Access to an online media library - over 100+ downloads to help promote your parish program (updated monthly).

$1,000 ONE TIME

On average, this amount represents only 4 donors enrolled for 12 months!


Organizations That Don't Need Expert Guidance

Everything in the previous package PLUS:


  • 12 month strategy guide and ideas for one full year of planning and marketing.

  • Access to an online media library of  pre-made social media posts and website content.

  • Access to a marketing library of sample flyers, pre-written blurbs    and announcements. 

  • Your own version of a photo video to music. Your name, logo, website, and wonderful photos of your School, Parish or Catholic Organization. 

  • Coaching call over the course of a month to help you strategize your launch and customize your marketing plan. 

$1,500 ONE TIME

On average, this amount represents only 6 donors enrolled for 12 months!


Organizations Serious About

Success - No Messing Around

Everything in the previous packages PLUS:

  • Strategy for integrating this fundraising effort into your other activities. 

  • Initial calls to discuss with internal staff and initiate the first teps needed to ensure the best possible launch.

  • Monthly phone-call to review plans and brainstorm ways to optimize efforts.

  • We customize flyers & newsletter ads

  • We can customize your own social media posts - using your photos and your inspiring content.

  • An animated video (similar to the CatholicCent) with your logo, colors and building.

  • Customized script for animated video and you choose the voice.

  • If requested...a video putting your organization's photos to music and giving donors an emotional appeal and a call to action to enroll. 

  • Collaborate with you to create testimonial videos to garner additional support. 

$3,500 ONE TIME

On average, this amount represents only 15 donors enrolled for 12 months!


Discounts available for Dioceses and organizations with multiple funds or locations.
Visit our FAQs Page for common questions and more info on our fees.